An excuse or a moment to uncork a bottle?

Share, wines are made to share moments

To conquer a heart, uncork a bottle of Porta Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon and serve it with beef fillet and sautéed mushrooms in candlelight. The wine’s powerful structure and notes of red fruits make it a perfect pairing for this dish.

The textured flavors and elegant aromas of Sauvignon Blanc Veranda from the Biobío valley make it a captivating match for some cebiche and black-edge oysters. Even better if served on a terrace overlooking the ocean.

A special occasion.

Wine is always the perfect present to receive or give. For all those special dates, a Gran Reserva Single Vineyard from Porta will be most appreciated.

Nothing is more romantic than sharing good wine in good company. A nice conversation gets even better if accompanied by a wine from our Gran Reserva line.


Weddings, christenings, cocktail parties...

what better idea than to accompany an enticing tray of hors d'oeuvre or a delicious meal with a good wine. Discover and enjoy the best of southern Chile with Porta’s Reserva wines.

After Office

After a hard day at work, a glass of wine will help you relax, alone or in good company. It will surely become a moment to enjoy with Porta's Classic Varietals.

The art of cooking is a perfect match for the art of wine: both seduce you, captivate you and make you enjoy the pleasures of life.

Special wines for special moments. Cima, a very expressive wine of great personality that is ideal for those days we want to remember as special.

Cheers and here’s to life!